Eric Lefkofsky; The Man Who’s Determined to Provide Solutions in Every Sector of the Economy

Eric Lefkofsky is a man on a mission. He wants to innovate solutions to one of the biggest medical challenge of modern times; Cancer. This disease has been the source of pain for many families across the globe. Through Tempus, a startup that specializes in fighting cancer, Eric Lefkofsky will provide crucial data of breast cancer patients to the medical fraternity at the University of Chicago.

Tempus’ partnership with the University of Chicago is expected to stir a shift in the way in which medical professionals deal with cancer. Tempus wants to be the source of personalized therapies for people living with cancer through research on patients’ molecular and genomic sequences. The first project for Tempus is to collect data from 1,000 people living with breast cancer and avail it to the doctors at the University of Chicago for further research. The doctors will then seek useful patterns that could guide the administration of future therapies.

According to Dr. OlufunmilayoOlopade, a medical expert in medicine and human genetics, the challenge in treating cancer is that, against a huge number of cancer patients who have battled the disease, there exists little data of those patients’ genetic makeup and how they responded to various therapies. The lack of enough data forces doctors to administer medicines without knowing what might be the outcome of those treatments.

Through the power of machine learning and sequencing each patient’s genome, the research will guide future therapies and might enable the creation of more personalized treatments. Tempus was created in the year 2015 and only became known to the public in 2016 and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky has recorded a lot of success in the business world. He is revered for having created some of the most successful technology startups. Groupon is one of these startups that has exceeded the expectations of many regarding growth. Eric boasts of a J.D. at laws from the University from the prestigious University of Michigan and more information click here.

The partnership of Tempus with the University of Chicago is part of the several strategic alliances that Tempus has built to innovate the best ways of treating diseases such as cancer and his twitter.

John Goullet Provides IT Staffing Solutions

John Goullet is an entrepreneur, Information Technologist, and a professional recruiter. He commenced his career as an IT consultant but later switched to IT staffing. As both an IT consultant and staffing agent, John has a broad industry experience. He founded Info Technologies with great emerging market trends. His company Info Technologies has been a leading staffing solution provider to many countries across America including the Fortune 500 companies.

His leadership was outstanding, and with half of a decade, his company had a multi-million price tag. In fact, the agency was ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing firms in the United States. He went ahead and partnered with Diversant Inc to create Diversant LLC where he became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

His leadership at Diversant LLC has been exceptional and has led to the company to deal with most of the setbacks that come with the IT industry evolution. As the Diversant, LLC leader, Goullet makes sure that all of his customers and clients are presented with the necessary services. Under his management, the company has also introduced and mentored other industry leaders are now part of the overall business success and John of website.

John Goullet learned at the Ursinus College where he marked off a Computer Science Master’s degree. He started working as an IT consultant before moving on to IT staffing. John Goullet’s leadership has also been exceptional and has made the company achieve profits even during an economic downturn and slow growth periods.

As the most leading professional IT enthusiast, Goullet supports his employees to be innovative and uphold the highest degree of discipline, respect, and ethical behavior. He is a believer of teamwork, and he has enabled his company to grow into the largest United States African-American personal company. His agency Diversant LLC is also among the top-ranked market companies and holds the Minority-Owned business enterprise award and what John knows.

Over the past years, John Goullet has shown contentment with his company’s financial success. Recent rewards and recognition prove that his company is capable of delivering first-class IT staffing services. His commitment is joined with the company core values; which are of significance to building the active business organization.

Dick DeVos’ philanthropy Acts and $1.2B in donations puts DeVos family on Headlines

The great extent to which Dick DeVos and his family have supported West Michigan institutions is beyond physical contributions. Approximately, two-thirds of charitable giving from DeVos family goes to West Michigan. The DeVos family has constantly worked hard to put their belief into action. As guided by their faith in Christianity, they have been generous and consistent supporters of the society.

Dick DeVos is President of the Grand Rapids-area foundation – Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that has contributed a large number of dollars to artistic, civic, educational, religious, free-market economic and community organizations since 1990. Dick DeVos has spent his business profession working in an assortment of official positions at Amway – the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and also The Windquest Group, the place he presently works as its President.

Apart from his business responsibilities, DeVos has been a pioneer in an extensive variety of group activities. He began the Education Freedom Fund, which granted over 4,000 grants to underprivileged kids in Michigan – the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a high school that eyes to offer a thorough instructive program via an aviation center).

DeVos started working in the Amway Corporation in year 1974, holding different positions and of different levels within most of the organization’s operating departments. In year 1984, DeVos was given a promotion and became the VP of the association’s operations within 18 countries, more likely to gain experience away from the family owned company.

In 1989, he exited the firm to begin another business investment, The Windquest Group, an organization that manufacturers and markets storage & closet organizers. In 1991, he was delegated by his dad, to deal with the National Basket Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball establishment, which had been procured by the DeVos family. At the same time, he additionally stayed engaged in the administration of the Windquest Group.

Two years later, in 1993, he came back to the Amway Corporation as its leader, succeeding his dad. In 2000, he supervised the rebuilding of the Amway Corporation. An umbrella organization was set up – Alticor Corporation which comprised Amway Corporation, the Access Business Group and the Quixtar Corporation. Under the new Alticor structure, the firm extended its operations to over 50 nations and domains in six continents. In 2002, Dick DeVos resigned as the leader of Alticor to commit full time to his private firm, the Windquest Group, where he now fills the position of the President.

On political matters, Betsy DeVos was named Secretary of Education within the Trump Administration in 2016. Dick DeVos is happily married to Elizabeth Prince, the Edgar Prince daughter, the President, owner and founder of the Prince Corporation of Holland, Michigan. DeVos and his wife have four children, Elissa, Rick, Ryan and Andrea.


Evolution of EOS

Evolution of smooth, more commonly known as EOS, has been around for quite a few years now. EOS has been sprinkling brightly colored orbs into our lives in many stores we shop every day; some of those stores being Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. They have moved their way up to the number two spot of lip balm sales right behind Burt’s Bees. They have outdone Chapstick and Blistex even though they have been out for quite some time longer than EOS lip balm.

EOS took the opportunity to conduct a study and found that women loved lip balm, but would constantly lose the tubes in their handbags. While other competitors tried to sell lip balm in a dish; women found that to be unsanitary. EOS wanted a way for people to love and enjoy using lip balm everyday. They wanted their lip balm to appeal to all five senses, from the touch of the smooth orb, to the bright colors, to the different exciting flavors, to the delicious smells, and the sound of the iconic click when closing the ball.

They didn’t want EOS to become just another fad, so they worked very hard at all the aspects and even came up with an exciting tag line. “The lip balm that makes you smile,” has become well known to many. They started in Walgreens and gradually made their way to the shelves of Target and Walmart. They market through a lot of channels but the one that I see the most is their very colorful and exciting commercials. They have worked with many celebrities to endorse their cute little orbs.

EOS has had such great success with the lip balm that they have even started producing shaving creams and hand lotions. They sell more than one million spheres a week, which is incredible since that is more than they sold in their first whole year of business. I love EOS lip balm and I always recommend it to all my friends. Those little spheres are so adorable you just want to have one in every color.

How The US Money Reserve’s New Website Is Better For Profits

US Money Reserve, privately-owned gold and silver investment company announced the completion of a new website not long ago. This new website offers a much easier view of their products while at the same time looking professional and displaying plenty of information. The US Money Reserve added more interactive menu buttons and changed the coding of the website to become mobile-friendly.

As part of their customer service enhancement, US Money Reserve has brought Client-Connect Advantage to their platform in order to make the ordering process easier for customers. Live representatives can guide customers through a purchase or a return if they’re dissatisfied with the product.

US Money Reserve is the only private company to have a former US Mint Director leading them. Philip N. Diehl held the office during the Clinton administration and was responsible for an increase of profits at the US Mint up to $2.6 billion.


Even after he left the US Mint, Diehl continued to work with the US government in various currency laws and also was part of legislation that passed allowing for the minting of the first ever platinum coin. Diehl has also explained other steps that could be taken such as eliminating the penny and other rarely-used currencies.

US Money Reserve explains to investors how they can protect their assets against economic hardships. The US dollar as well as other paper currencies, is always subject to change whether it’s from a recession or a major war that breaks out. When these events happen gold and silver can gain in value and become a safe harbor to invest in.

Gold grows in demand once banks start buying it to back their currencies, and its also recognized as legal tender and cannot be manipulated by governments and international agencies. Gold coins are usually the most recommended investment, but there are other forms of gold and silver such as bars and bricks. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

Investors who own portfolios of different funds and IRAs can transfer those existing accounts into a gold and silver investment plan. PR Newswire believes that the US Money Reserve has free booklets of information on how to do it and their advisors are always standing by if you have questions.

There are risks that come with investing in gold and silver bullion and you need to make sure you know when to sell gold and silver if and when the market stabilizes so you don’t lose

Karl Heidck’s Successful Career As A Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck's Career as a litigator
A look at Karl Heideck’s career as a litigator

Being a lawyer is one of the prestigious professions in the world. If you ask youngsters what they would like to become once they grow up, most of them would mention the legal profession. There are many professionals in the legal field. One of the respected specialties is litigation.

Litigation denotes court practice whereby an attorney defends and represents clients in court. Court practice entails having the requisite knowledge in the legal processes involved in the court system. This may range from lodging a claim in court to representing a client in case the matters go to trial. It also involves a lot of research and paperwork.

Who is Karl Heideck?

One of the reputed lawyers in the United States is Karl Heideck. This is a litigation attorney who has practiced US law for a number of years bow. His practice is based in the Philadelphia area where he has an office and a team of legal experts working with him. The lawyer has gained popularity because of his practice and diligence. He also commands respect because of his record of success.

As a litigation attorney, Karl Heideck is faced with challenging cases every single day. When he is handling a case, he makes sure that he covers every loophole. His strategies also involve using innovative solutions to legal problems. This means that he has to stay updated about every legal issue that may arise. This also includes keeping abreast with laws that have been passed recently as well as recent court decisions on related issues.

To become as successful as Karl Heideck, you must first complete your high school and law school successfully. Passing the bar exams of your state is also important. It is also recommended that you join associations and relevant affiliates which ensure that you keep abreast with any important changes in the law.

Learn more about Karl Heideck:

Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation Look to Aid People Across the Planet

The aim of the Human Rights Foundation has never been to explore the smallest human rights abuses that take place in nations seen to be democratic; HRF founder Thor Halvorssen has been known to thank major activist groups he believes are focusing too much attention on the plight of those in jail in the U.S. Despite his praise for their work, Halvorssen believes there is much more important work to be completed facing up to the most despicable tyrants of the world whether they come from the right or left of the political spectrum.

The Human Rights Foundation was formed in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen after he grew impatient with the work being completed by the major human rights activism groups he worked alongside on a regular basis; Halvorssen located the Human Rights Foundation in New York as he felt this would allow his group to remain clear of political interference and bias at government level. Halvorssen set out to become one of the world’s leading human rights activists by creating a series of events and campaigns through the Human Rights Foundation that explain the many abuses being committed against citizens of nations all over the globe. As early as 2007 the work of the Human Rights Foundation began to focus on the country of Bolivia where concern was growing over different punishments being handed out to opposition leaders in the nation; a subsidiary group known as HRF-Bolivia was formed that addressed directly the concerns of those opposed to the leadership of the nation and read full article.

One of the major events organized by the Human Rights Foundation is the annual Vaclav Havel Award for Creative Dissident that formed a major part of the campaign against Cuba that formed a major part of the HRF’s work in 2012. Not only did Thor Halvorssen’s group call on Urban Outfitters to stop creating merchandise featuring the image of Che Guevara to honor those who died in the Cuban Revolution, but the group also awarded the Vaclav Havel Award to the Ladies in White group that has worked consistently in Cuba to fight human rights abuses.

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Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball Game Play to Date

Sawyer Howitt has always loved playing the game of racquetball. He had seen people playing it when he went to a local park in Portland when he was in middle school. When Howitt got to Lincoln High School, it was an offered sport and he immediately took to it.

Find Sawyer Howitt on Facebook.

Sawyer Howitt received coaching at the high school level and then signed up for the Racquetball Club of Portland. This allowed Howitt to play at a higher level and receive even more instruction, which has served him well.



Meet Eric Pulier: The Maverick Tech Investor Who Keeps on Giving

To date, Eric Pulier has had a hand in the creation of well over 15 successful companies. Those ventures have gone ahead to make millions of dollars in profits and revenues. His resume reads like a fictional novel and here are some of the achievements and accolades, the American investor has earned over the years.

Bridge to the 21st Century
Eric Pulier was personally handpicked by Al Gore (the former US VP) and Bill Clinton (former US President) to chair the organization, Bridge to the 21st Century. The inaugural ceremony was a huge success drawing in thousands of spectators at the venue of the launch, the Mall at Washington DC. The attendees of the fair included high profile government representatives like senators and governors among other prominent personalities.

Live-Feed with Astronauts
The objective of the organization was to show how technology impacts our daily lives and how it will continue to shape civilization in the future. Eric’s primary role was to raise funds needed to inspire entrepreneurs to come up with new thinking on how technology would improve areas like entertainment, healthcare, family, government, environment and even space exploration. One of the main talking points was when Eric and his team succeeded in organizing a live-feed event involving astronauts in space and crew on the ground.

Philanthropic Deeds
Eric Pulier is passionate about empowering disadvantaged people and communities. In a bid to improve the quality of life for kids living with the debilitating medical condition, Multiple Sclerosis, he commissioned the development of an app which helped these children to use computers. Eric is also a top donor to the charity organization, US Doctors for Africa. The front raises money to help battle diseases in Africa.

Affordable Computers
The philanthropist also works with the Clinton Global Initiative to provide affordable cloud-computing services to marginalized communities across the globe. Other noble causes he regularly supports are the ACE Foundation, XPRIZE, Painted Turtle and the Campaign for Free College Tuition organization.

Educational Background
In 1984, Eric Pulier graduated from the Teaneck High School. Then, he got admitted to doing a BA at the prestigious Harvard University. He completed his degree and attained top honors in 1988. The investor is well-versed in English and American Literature. He’s also a trained programmer. Today, Eric lives with his family in L.A, California. He enjoys writing in his spare time and Eric on Facebook.

Arthur Becker Invests $500 Million in SoHo, New York

No one loves investing in new upscale real estate NY properties more than Arthur Becker. The tech entrepreneur recently scored an unbelievable deal which made him the owner of three streets lined with breathtaking townhouses in SoHo. He acquired the 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street lined with expensive properties by giving up his investing stake in the nearby condos project. The property comes complete with a 16 floored duplex developed by Robert Gladstone.

What a Deal!

Arthur Becker is said to have paid $5 million on top of handing over ownership of preferred share equities worth an estimated $15 million. Upon further inspection and scrutiny, however, the reported figures didn’t quite add up when compared to what the investor stood to gain from the endeavor. Some of the dime pieces listed on the title handed to Arthur included townhouses with a median value of $25 million dollars a street.

Responding to questions from reporters and bloggers, Becker was forced to issue a statement saying that asides from the four million extra dollars he planned to invest in the renovation costs on one of the townhouses where he plans to settle in there’s no other deal he has with the sellers, Madison Equities. That deal’s done.

If you dig a little deeper, you find out that the townhouses got acquired by the leader Madison Equities in 2012 at the cost of $30.5 million. This deal here is a perfect example of the incredible and awe-inspiring moves and achievements Arthur Becker makes on a typical Monday. The tech titan is said to have sunk at least half billion dollars in the New York real estate market alone.

Atlantic Investors LLC,

Becker owns the prominent New York real estate firm, Atlantic Investors LLC, Asides, the man also serves as the Managing Member of the BioTech investing firm, Madison Partners LLC; Becker is a well-known figure in the tech startup world. Arthur has worked with NaviSite and with Zinio.

Some years back he separated from his long-time wife, the fashion designer, Vera Wang. Together, they had two beautiful baby girls, Cecilia and Josephine. Vera has been quoted on Linked In saying that Becker will always remain an important part of their life together with the daughters, despite everything happening.