The Success of Doe Deere Provides in Business Success

When preparing to launch your own business, you could find yourself seeking out inspiration from other entrepreneurs whose ventures have been a success. One such business owner that many entrepreneurs look up to and who has won the hearts of many wannabe business owners is Doe Deere. She is a successful entrepreneur that has managed to take her passion for beauty and makeup and created a highly successful fashion and cosmetics line, Lime Crime, in just a few short years. People who would like to start their enterprises can learn plenty from picking Doe’s business mind for her ideas, advice, and passions. Learn more:


Turning your passion into a business idea

Doe Deere has become renowned for taking her desires and mixing them with her business ideas. That combination has allowed her to come up with an extremely popular, well-received line of cosmetics. Her success goes to show that ideas are often drawn from the passions of the people who create businesses. Few successful enterprises have not been the result of passion.


Have a plan

Once you have crystallized something that you are passionate about and are ready to take action, you should lay it out as a plan that contains an outline of each detail of the business. A business plan is necessary when initially starting a business, as Doe explains. It helps to ensure that everything you need is in place before finally taking the plunge. The business plan she laid out for Lime Crime not only kept everything in order but was also vital in helping her secure the funding she needed to launch her line.


Be prepared to slog before you succeed

Launching a business venture is a labor of love that requires plenty of time, money and determination. You should be prepared to spend long hours and days toiling for little or no pay. Besides, you need to have the determination to keep going even when frustration piles up if you want to succeed in your business. Doe says that it is rewarding when all the hard work that you put into your business starts to pay off in the long run. Learn more:


About Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Izhvesk, Russia on June 1981 and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She studied Fashion Design and Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Doe later left to venture into business as an independent fashion designer and to launch Lime Crime. Since the firm was initially a ‘one-woman’ operation, she had to create her makeup look and model her clothing.