Arthur Becker Invests $500 Million in SoHo, New York

No one loves investing in new upscale real estate NY properties more than Arthur Becker. The tech entrepreneur recently scored an unbelievable deal which made him the owner of three streets lined with breathtaking townhouses in SoHo. He acquired the 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street lined with expensive properties by giving up his investing stake in the nearby condos project. The property comes complete with a 16 floored duplex developed by Robert Gladstone.

What a Deal!

Arthur Becker is said to have paid $5 million on top of handing over ownership of preferred share equities worth an estimated $15 million. Upon further inspection and scrutiny, however, the reported figures didn’t quite add up when compared to what the investor stood to gain from the endeavor. Some of the dime pieces listed on the title handed to Arthur included townhouses with a median value of $25 million dollars a street.

Responding to questions from reporters and bloggers, Becker was forced to issue a statement saying that asides from the four million extra dollars he planned to invest in the renovation costs on one of the townhouses where he plans to settle in there’s no other deal he has with the sellers, Madison Equities. That deal’s done.

If you dig a little deeper, you find out that the townhouses got acquired by the leader Madison Equities in 2012 at the cost of $30.5 million. This deal here is a perfect example of the incredible and awe-inspiring moves and achievements Arthur Becker makes on a typical Monday. The tech titan is said to have sunk at least half billion dollars in the New York real estate market alone.

Atlantic Investors LLC,

Becker owns the prominent New York real estate firm, Atlantic Investors LLC, Asides, the man also serves as the Managing Member of the BioTech investing firm, Madison Partners LLC; Becker is a well-known figure in the tech startup world. Arthur has worked with NaviSite and with Zinio.

Some years back he separated from his long-time wife, the fashion designer, Vera Wang. Together, they had two beautiful baby girls, Cecilia and Josephine. Vera has been quoted on Linked In saying that Becker will always remain an important part of their life together with the daughters, despite everything happening.