The Success of Doe Deere Provides in Business Success

When preparing to launch your own business, you could find yourself seeking out inspiration from other entrepreneurs whose ventures have been a success. One such business owner that many entrepreneurs look up to and who has won the hearts of many wannabe business owners is Doe Deere. She is a successful entrepreneur that has managed to take her passion for beauty and makeup and created a highly successful fashion and cosmetics line, Lime Crime, in just a few short years. People who would like to start their enterprises can learn plenty from picking Doe’s business mind for her ideas, advice, and passions. Learn more:


Turning your passion into a business idea

Doe Deere has become renowned for taking her desires and mixing them with her business ideas. That combination has allowed her to come up with an extremely popular, well-received line of cosmetics. Her success goes to show that ideas are often drawn from the passions of the people who create businesses. Few successful enterprises have not been the result of passion.


Have a plan

Once you have crystallized something that you are passionate about and are ready to take action, you should lay it out as a plan that contains an outline of each detail of the business. A business plan is necessary when initially starting a business, as Doe explains. It helps to ensure that everything you need is in place before finally taking the plunge. The business plan she laid out for Lime Crime not only kept everything in order but was also vital in helping her secure the funding she needed to launch her line.


Be prepared to slog before you succeed

Launching a business venture is a labor of love that requires plenty of time, money and determination. You should be prepared to spend long hours and days toiling for little or no pay. Besides, you need to have the determination to keep going even when frustration piles up if you want to succeed in your business. Doe says that it is rewarding when all the hard work that you put into your business starts to pay off in the long run. Learn more:


About Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Izhvesk, Russia on June 1981 and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She studied Fashion Design and Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Doe later left to venture into business as an independent fashion designer and to launch Lime Crime. Since the firm was initially a ‘one-woman’ operation, she had to create her makeup look and model her clothing.


How Mike Baur Has Helped Start-ups to Grow in Swiss

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur, businessman and the co-founder of the Swiss Start-up Factory AG. The Swiss Start-up Factory is an independent and privately-financed ICT Start-up Accelerator based in Switzerland.

Early Life

Mike began his career at the Swiss Banking industry, but his passion for entrepreneurial ventures led him to seek other business ideas in the start-up business platform. With over two decades in the Swiss banking sector, Mike quit his job and instead concentrated on start-up companies. Thanks to his vast array of experience in the banking industry, Mike has been a force to reckon with not only in banking issues but also in fundraising and financing projects.

Founding the Swiss Start-up Organizations

The Swiss Start-up Factory was founded in the year 2014 in Zurich Switzerland by a team of digital entrepreneurs whose primary role of launching the company was to provide opportunities to digital-oriented individuals not only in Switzerland but also globally. According to Mike, his reason for forming the company came as a result of his desire to assist people who wanted to initiate start-ups but did not have the required information or capital.

After the launch of Swiss Start-up Factory, Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Start-up Group AG in the year 2017 in collaboration with Max Meister. The company primarily deals in providing start up investments for promising Swiss-oriented Start-up companies.

Before launching the Swiss Start-up company, Mike Baur co-founded and worked for other companies. These companies were such as Swiss Start-up investment, Swiss Start-up Association, Innovation Lab Fribourg, Think Reloaded Agency, Salifort Privatbank and Clariden Leu.


Mike Baur attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern from the year 1997 to the year 2000 where he successfully pursued a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance. Seven years later, he joined the University of Rochester and the Universitat Bern where he pursued a Master of Business Administration, and an Executive Master of Business Administration respectively. He graduated from both of the universities in the year 2008.

Philanthropy Work

Mike Baur invests most of his time and money in supporting most of the available Swiss Start-up companies as well as the Swiss Youth entrepreneurship companies. Apart from this, he also acts as a mentor for the businessmen who work under him and are in search for investment advice.

Advice to Fellow Entrepreneurs

As an individual who has been in the industry for more than two decades, Mike Baur believes that the key to success for any avid entrepreneur is to have a passion for what they do and to take their time to learn and understand the industry.


Logan Stout The Success Behind IDLife

Logan Stout is a fruitful businessman, top rated creator, humanitarian, keynote speaker, initiative coach, and business visionary. Logan is genuinely energetic about helping other people to begin a fruitful business. He has devoted his vocation to preparing people that move to end up entrepreneurs and he additionally causes current entrepreneur’s to better deal with their organizations. He gives direction and coaches people into turning into an effective business person.

Logan’s definitive objective is to help other people in their initiative abilities and to convey authority to each country all through the world. Logan Stout has cooperated with a few creators and speakers who share his vision to help other people in their authority. One of his fundamental accomplices is John C. Maxwell. They both offer similar convictions and vision, and there’s no uncertainty they can prevail with regards to building up a pioneer in each country.

Logan’s is the Founder and CEO of IDLife. IDLife is a business that he began in 2014, that principally spends significant time in offering natural nutritious supplements with the primary reason for weight administration. IDLife additionally has a possibility for client’s to buy a Garmin Vivo wellness tracker. The Garmin Vivo tracker is a gadget that uses an App that empowers clients to track their activity and figure their nourishment needs more effortlessly.

Logan is additionally the originator and CEO of a business called Premier Baseball Academy. Head Baseball Academy is the essential area for indoor baseball instructional courses.

Logan Stout was conceived in brought up in Richardson, Texas. He went to J.J. Pearce High School, where he was chosen to the Student Council for Excellence in Leadership. Logan was exceptionally dynamic in games and he was chosen District 9-5a MVP for his lesser and senior year while playing for the Pearce Mustang b-ball group. He additionally played both Varsity baseball and ball while going to Pearce High School. Logan earned his business degree where he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Dallas.

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Eric Lefkofsky Moves to Next Venture to Cure Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky, popularly known as the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, is looking to take the treatment of cancer to the next level. His latest venture, Tempus, looks to assist doctors in delivering personalized and prompt care to those with cancer. His company has the goal of improving patient outcomes through the strategic use of patient data and other sources of information. He is listed as the President. The day to day operations is still not made exactly known. The company website lists some promotional material and videos and learn more about Eric.

Tempus systems help to analyze each patient’s personalized genetic cancer data and see how it would be affected by the different therapies available. This analysis is done using the patient’s unique cancer genetic data and the data for available. This real time data analysis helps clinicians offer the best possible treatments for each unique case. The system collect and analyzes large amounts of genomic data to help deliver the best and quickest treatment data available. Currently, Tempus focuses on breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer, but they will add more over time and update the system. The hope and goal is to improve the outcome for patients with cancer and read full article.

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth have a charitable trust, the Lefkofsky foundation, that focuses on children but gives to many causes around the world. Over 50 organizations have benefited from the foundation to date. The focus of the foundation is to support charitable, scientific, and educational organizations around the world. Through their foundation, they have donated to the cancer research cause. They have donated money to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University and to support immunotherapy for gastric cancer research at Stanford University. A successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Lefkofsky continues to build successful ventures and reinvest his time and money into the community and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Logan Stout, Extraordinary Businessman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist And Youth Mentor

IDLife has announced a partnership with Garmin International Inc., which is a leader in wearable device technology. The Garmin line of the IndexTM Smart Scale and vivo activity trackers will be available to IDLife customers on June 1, 2017. They will also be integrating the wearable device data into the IDWellness mobile app., which will make it easy for the customers to manage their health and wellness issues from one place.

IDLife offers the highest-quality vitamins and nutritional products available today so that customers can lead healthy lifestyles. They have a program, IDLife Experience, that was designed to allow people to get healthy following three steps a day

The Garmin Index Scale is not just a scale the measure your weight but is capable of being hooked to WiFi making it able to measure other key concerns. It can measure your body mass index, skeletal muscle mass, water percentages and body fat.

The new partnership will be able to equip more people than they ever have before with the new wearable devices and IDLifes excellent products lead a healthier lifestyle.

IDLife is based in Frisco, Texas that takes all the guesswork out of what type of daily nutritional supplements you need to lead a healthier lifestyle. They start you off with an HIPAA compliant assessment online to determine your needs.

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Garmin International Inc., here in the United States, is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. located in Switzerland. Its subsidiaries are also located in Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of IdLife LLC. The company through Network Marketing is capitalizing on the health and wellness industry. He is also a Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Keynote Speaker.

Logan Stout launched IDLife LLC, in 2014 and its growth has been rapid. He has partnered with Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom a celebrity trainer, and a billionaire, Darwin Deason. As of 2016, IDLife was named as one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in the world.

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization where his focus is on mentoring youth. Many of the graduates are draft picks each year for MLB.

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Anthony Petrello: Finds True Inspiration from His Daughter’s Courage

Anthony Petrello has used his impressive talents to help forge Nabors Industries into a global powerhouse. In so doing he has scaled the heights of business success. Now, with his daughter as inspiration; he has committed his time, talents and resources to improving research efforts for children suffering from neurological disorders and more information click here.

First a little background on Nabors Industries. They are one of the world’s biggest contract oil drillers. With a focus on both gas and oil, they provide a complete range of drilling equipment. Everything from durable offshore rigs to a full range of land drilling gear. They lay claim to operating the largest number of rigs on land, with over 500 rigs in operation in more than 20 countries. They have tremendous reach and ability. Nabors can be found in every major oil and gas basin and learn more about Anthony.

Anthony Petrello has played an important role throughout his tenure at Nabors. He’s served in high-level executive positions since 1991. He is currently the president and CEO, positions he’s held since 2011. He provides strategic thinking and planning for Nabors helping the company prosper in a dynamic, changing marketplace. Prior to joining Nabors Industries, he was with the law firm Baker and McKenzie where he specialized in corporate law and taxation and Anthony on Facebook.

On the home front, Petrello has been inspired by his daughter Carena. She suffers from cerebral palsy, which is characterized by impaired motor skills and delayed development. Her condition was caused by PVL, periventricular leukomalacia. This comes about from a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain in premature infants. Her strength and determination have caused Anthony and his wife Cynthia to take action and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

He has made a generous donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital to help support research for neurological disorders in children. After seeking out pediatric research institutions throughout the U.S. and even abroad, he and his wife determined that a greater effort was needed and hence became involved with Texas Children’s Hospital. Additionally, Anthony uses his corporate ties and connections to help with fundraising, demonstrating a dedication and commitment to find answers.