Will The Real Betsy DeVos Please Stand Up?

Michigan residents are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the deal is when it comes to Betsy DeVos. They simply cannot figure out who the real DeVos is. There seem to be different versions of her existing at the same time. The one that most in Michigan know is a women who is extremely generous and warm. The one that those same people see on TV is someone who seems to be detached from her work and not listening to the broader public.


When she was more involved with politics on a local level in Michigan, she was known as someone who got a lot done. She was viewed as someone who had the ability to push through her agenda and really take people to task if they got in her way. Now that she is serving in the Trump Administration, it seems that she has become almost something of a mouthpiece for the White House. They can bring her out whenever needed to defend their positions. She has done a great job of that, even when those positions seem to conflict with her natural inclinations.


DeVos was born into wealth, and she has used that money and influence to great impact. She did not sit around and just enjoy the lavish trappings that have always been available to her. Instead, she has pushed for her beliefs in the form of charter schools and other policy agendas that she would like to see enacted. Many who have worked with her on a local level say that she is among the most effective people that they have ever worked with.


While there is little question that DeVos has made plenty of changes in the local community for the better, there is some concern that she is just going along with whatever the Administration wants no matter what. A lot of people who know her (personally or otherwise) do not want to see her go down this path. They believe that she is too good of a person to go along with some of the policies that they see coming out of the White House.


DeVos finds a natural ally in Donald Trump when it comes to her ideas about school vouchers. He would also like to see public money used to help fund the education of children in private schools, perhaps even schools that have a religious leaning. This is something that has been banned for a long time in this country, but that may not be the case for too much longer. Learn more: http://www.betsydevos.com/

Updated Live Meeting App Brings Talk Fusion New Edge

Talk Fusion, a communication solution company, introduces its new WebRTC technology. The new and improved version of Live Meetings, uses this WebRTC platform along with an updated interface. This new app, Live Meetings, makes real time communications easier.  Learn more about Bob Reina: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/ and https://patch.com/florida/southtampa/bob-reina-introduces-new-talk-fusion-software-features-webrtc-technology

The live meetings app has two features: one way videos and video conferencing. Businesses can hold either presentations or conferences. Up to 15 people can host and close to 500 people can participation through this platform. Like most Talk Fusion products, this app can connect either through the tablet, phone, or PC.

The new update does not require any download. So now users can access the tech through the web browser. The lack of a need for a separate download means it more convenient, no need for an Adobe Flash Player install.

The company has been promoting the new software to make sure to attract more users for their Live Meetings and Video Suite app. More users make it easier for people to connect. Reina, company founder, promises his tech is unparalleled.

WebRTC has unparalleled advantages over other tech. It allows users to communicate instantly through any modern device. PC, phone, or tablet are all able to connect with this software. Talk Fusion has been an innovative leader in small business communication technology.

From video emails to the WebRTC tech, they strive to stand out from the rest. Reina started his company from an idea he had while on vacation. He wanted to send an email with a video but the attachment was too large. He developed his technology to help others send videos with ease.

Ronald Fowlkes: The Business Management Professional Superstar of Commercial/Law Enforcement Products

Ronald Fowlkes works for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He is a business manager of law enforcement/ commercial products. He is based in St. Louis, Missouri. His job tasks include product education to more than 150 sales personnel, to call on customers throughout the nation, and to work on product selection for sales and development. Also, his extensive background in this field includes tactical training and products resulting from being a contractor for the Department of Defense and in serving in the Navy-Marine Corps. He has more than 13 years of experience in this field.


More Details About His Work Background


While working as a contractor for the Department of Defense with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, JIEDDO, in Iraq with the US Army, he dismounted and mounted infantry operations in a combat zone. He also trained the US military personnel in CQB, post-blast analysis, hostage rescue, tactical operations, tactical questioning of captured and detained individuals, and evidence collection. He worked for three years with the ST. Louis County Police Department and 10 years with the ST. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in which the last seven years he was with their HRT Team. He became certified in defensive tactics, shoot house, tactical rifle, and URBAN/SWAT warfare tactics while working in the police department.


While serving the US Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993, he was promoted in ranks and became a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. He attended the Basic Engineer course, Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) basic course, and the Marine Combat Training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. He also was trained in the US Army Parachute School. Later on, he earned his advance in NSWF Combat Diver School and in the Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia. While serving with the first ANGLICO conducted small unit parachute operations, gunfire missions using various encrypted and non-encrypted radios, and using a (MULE) laser designator air and naval and reconnaissance.


His Personal Hobbies


When Fowlkes isn’t working, he either coaches his son’s hockey team or is involved in in the sport in other ways.