Daniel Taub work of diplomacy

The role of a diplomat in any country is to ensure that the people of that country are protected in the foreign country. This is a task that Daniel Taub, a former diplomat of Israel knew very well. He is a man who accomplished so much while in office. He served the people of Israel for four years in London. His time in office was marked with great achievements that make him a leading diplomat from Israel. He knew his role in the office so well and never compromised when the interests of his country were at stake. Daniel Taub a staunch orthodox Jew performed his responsibility with great dedication. He made sure that his country Israel benefitted from the ties that they had with the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub worked very hard for his country and ensured that the ties that the country enjoyed wit United Kingdom achieved mire for Israel.



Daniel Taub is an international lawyer who has specialized in counter-terrorism laws and other laws of war. His knowledge about law and diplomacy have been very helpful to his country. He has been very keen to help his country deal with the Middle East crises in the best way possible. He has also made it possible for his country to market itself as a peace-loving and one that is committed to seeking peace and justice prevail in the Middle East region.



Daniel Taub has been part of peace committee that had been formed to establish a long-lasting peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. He worked closely with his counterpart from Palestine, together they managed to give the country the best services they could. They went all the way to Ireland to learn what the countries there did so that they could establish a peace deal theta was long-lasting. With the lessons that they had learned, they came back and made recommendations that were adopted by both countries. The first peace agreement was drafted between Israel and Palestine through the efforts of Daniel Taub.



Daniel Taub has been in Israel since 1989 when he moved from the U.K to Israel. He has been a part of Israel for a long time. Since then, he has represented the country in various positions of leadership that include; military, legal offices and as a diplomat. He has been a key adviser to the delegation that represents Israel at the United Nations offices in New York and Geneva. Daniel Taub is now retired from active diplomatic work.



Samuel Strauch Speaks About The Goals And Vision Of Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a highly successful real estate agent and the founder of Metrik Real Estate – a major real estate agency based in Miami. The firm focuses on equity development, management, and brokerage. Interestingly, under the inspirational leadership of Strauch, the agency became a leading player in the real estate ecosystem of Florida. He says that his team is focusing on the changing trends and analyzing what could be expected in future as he believes that all changes are potential opportunities for smart business leaders. Samuel Strauch observes that in the current times, everything changes in must faster pace.

He asks his team to see the changing views of people, their life, and concepts of owning a property. Interestingly, Samuel Strauch expands the business domain of Metrik to more areas including hospitality in the recent years as he believes that constant evolution is a part of every successful firm. He also says that the agency is putting close attention on the advances of technology and applies it to the operations of Metrik and its real estate solutions. Samuel Strauch adds that his agency is something more than a real estate company, and it is a socially responsible business with a basic philosophy. According to him, social responsibility is promoting various activities, including offering educational options, community initiatives, raising money for charity efforts, and more, to make the world a better and harmonious place.

While coming to the future real estate growth, Strauch thinks that Panama offers competitively priced projects that have better future compared to Miami. He says that the city is becoming increasingly popular among people around the world, and a significant number of investors see it as an ideal place for their real estate investment. Due to this reason, Samuel Strauch significantly invested in the Panama market during the last few years and confirmed that a large number of retired Americans also see it as an ideal destination for their future life.

Samuel Strauch founded Metrik in the year 2002 with a mission to capitalize the opportunities given by the real estate sectors of Florida, Panama, and South America. He also has nearly 15 years of experience in serving the real estate customers of Miami as a real estate agent. Strauch is also actively involved in the restaurant business and several internet-based ventures. He completed his education at Harvard University and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Strauch also worked in the banking industry for a brief stint before moving to the real estate industry.

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