How The US Money Reserve’s New Website Is Better For Profits

US Money Reserve, privately-owned gold and silver investment company announced the completion of a new website not long ago. This new website offers a much easier view of their products while at the same time looking professional and displaying plenty of information. The US Money Reserve added more interactive menu buttons and changed the coding of the website to become mobile-friendly.

As part of their customer service enhancement, US Money Reserve has brought Client-Connect Advantage to their platform in order to make the ordering process easier for customers. Live representatives can guide customers through a purchase or a return if they’re dissatisfied with the product.

US Money Reserve is the only private company to have a former US Mint Director leading them. Philip N. Diehl held the office during the Clinton administration and was responsible for an increase of profits at the US Mint up to $2.6 billion.


Even after he left the US Mint, Diehl continued to work with the US government in various currency laws and also was part of legislation that passed allowing for the minting of the first ever platinum coin. Diehl has also explained other steps that could be taken such as eliminating the penny and other rarely-used currencies.

US Money Reserve explains to investors how they can protect their assets against economic hardships. The US dollar as well as other paper currencies, is always subject to change whether it’s from a recession or a major war that breaks out. When these events happen gold and silver can gain in value and become a safe harbor to invest in.

Gold grows in demand once banks start buying it to back their currencies, and its also recognized as legal tender and cannot be manipulated by governments and international agencies. Gold coins are usually the most recommended investment, but there are other forms of gold and silver such as bars and bricks. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

Investors who own portfolios of different funds and IRAs can transfer those existing accounts into a gold and silver investment plan. PR Newswire believes that the US Money Reserve has free booklets of information on how to do it and their advisors are always standing by if you have questions.

There are risks that come with investing in gold and silver bullion and you need to make sure you know when to sell gold and silver if and when the market stabilizes so you don’t lose

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