Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball Game Play to Date

Sawyer Howitt has always loved playing the game of racquetball. He had seen people playing it when he went to a local park in Portland when he was in middle school. When Howitt got to Lincoln High School, it was an offered sport and he immediately took to it.

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Sawyer Howitt received coaching at the high school level and then signed up for the Racquetball Club of Portland. This allowed Howitt to play at a higher level and receive even more instruction, which has served him well.



Meet Eric Pulier: The Maverick Tech Investor Who Keeps on Giving

To date, Eric Pulier has had a hand in the creation of well over 15 successful companies. Those ventures have gone ahead to make millions of dollars in profits and revenues. His resume reads like a fictional novel and here are some of the achievements and accolades, the American investor has earned over the years.

Bridge to the 21st Century
Eric Pulier was personally handpicked by Al Gore (the former US VP) and Bill Clinton (former US President) to chair the organization, Bridge to the 21st Century. The inaugural ceremony was a huge success drawing in thousands of spectators at the venue of the launch, the Mall at Washington DC. The attendees of the fair included high profile government representatives like senators and governors among other prominent personalities.

Live-Feed with Astronauts
The objective of the organization was to show how technology impacts our daily lives and how it will continue to shape civilization in the future. Eric’s primary role was to raise funds needed to inspire entrepreneurs to come up with new thinking on how technology would improve areas like entertainment, healthcare, family, government, environment and even space exploration. One of the main talking points was when Eric and his team succeeded in organizing a live-feed event involving astronauts in space and crew on the ground.

Philanthropic Deeds
Eric Pulier is passionate about empowering disadvantaged people and communities. In a bid to improve the quality of life for kids living with the debilitating medical condition, Multiple Sclerosis, he commissioned the development of an app which helped these children to use computers. Eric is also a top donor to the charity organization, US Doctors for Africa. The front raises money to help battle diseases in Africa.

Affordable Computers
The philanthropist also works with the Clinton Global Initiative to provide affordable cloud-computing services to marginalized communities across the globe. Other noble causes he regularly supports are the ACE Foundation, XPRIZE, Painted Turtle and the Campaign for Free College Tuition organization.

Educational Background
In 1984, Eric Pulier graduated from the Teaneck High School. Then, he got admitted to doing a BA at the prestigious Harvard University. He completed his degree and attained top honors in 1988. The investor is well-versed in English and American Literature. He’s also a trained programmer. Today, Eric lives with his family in L.A, California. He enjoys writing in his spare time and Eric on Facebook.

Arthur Becker Invests $500 Million in SoHo, New York

No one loves investing in new upscale real estate NY properties more than Arthur Becker. The tech entrepreneur recently scored an unbelievable deal which made him the owner of three streets lined with breathtaking townhouses in SoHo. He acquired the 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street lined with expensive properties by giving up his investing stake in the nearby condos project. The property comes complete with a 16 floored duplex developed by Robert Gladstone.

What a Deal!

Arthur Becker is said to have paid $5 million on top of handing over ownership of preferred share equities worth an estimated $15 million. Upon further inspection and scrutiny, however, the reported figures didn’t quite add up when compared to what the investor stood to gain from the endeavor. Some of the dime pieces listed on the title handed to Arthur included townhouses with a median value of $25 million dollars a street.

Responding to questions from reporters and bloggers, Becker was forced to issue a statement saying that asides from the four million extra dollars he planned to invest in the renovation costs on one of the townhouses where he plans to settle in there’s no other deal he has with the sellers, Madison Equities. That deal’s done.

If you dig a little deeper, you find out that the townhouses got acquired by the leader Madison Equities in 2012 at the cost of $30.5 million. This deal here is a perfect example of the incredible and awe-inspiring moves and achievements Arthur Becker makes on a typical Monday. The tech titan is said to have sunk at least half billion dollars in the New York real estate market alone.

Atlantic Investors LLC,

Becker owns the prominent New York real estate firm, Atlantic Investors LLC, Asides, the man also serves as the Managing Member of the BioTech investing firm, Madison Partners LLC; Becker is a well-known figure in the tech startup world. Arthur has worked with NaviSite and with Zinio.

Some years back he separated from his long-time wife, the fashion designer, Vera Wang. Together, they had two beautiful baby girls, Cecilia and Josephine. Vera has been quoted on Linked In saying that Becker will always remain an important part of their life together with the daughters, despite everything happening.

Fabletics Succeeding In Market Dominated by Amazon

A business being worth $250 million in just three years is no small feat. It’s even more impressive when done in the fashion industry. This is exactly what Fabletics, the subscription-based activewear company founded by Kate Hudson, has done. Now, they are planning on taking a successful online business in an entirely unexpected direction, retail.


A Personal Touch


Fabletics gives its customers a personal touch when purchasing their items online. They do this through a subscription process, making it convenient for customers to make purchases. Combine this with the high quality of the product and you have a recipe for success.


The Amazon Hurdle


The monster lurking in the shadows for every e-commerce business is Amazon. The online retailer control 20% of the online fashion industry as it stands and the number is trending up year after year. Fabletics ability to recognize the growing trend of activewear early in the game and their innovative supply chain has led to them having success, despite Amazon.


The Move to Retail


Many think that the last place an extremely successful online business would want to go is into the retail spectrum, but this is exactly what Fabletics is doing. 16 stores have already opened in the United States. While the online portion of the fashion industry seems big, it only makes up about 20% of the industry. E-commerce is growing at a rate of about 20% annually, meaning retail will make up a majority of the business even in the future.


Fabletics recognizes this. The company also realizes they must be very careful when opening stores in order to make them successful. A few strategies drive the success of their retail storefronts.


Localized Data


Online data has become a hot commodity in recent years and Hudson and her team have found an entirely new way to process and use it. They are integrating their online data with their retail protocol by using local buying trends to shape what is put on the shelves. Each location is tailor-made to the purchasing trends of buyers near that location.


Making the Showroom Work For the Online Business


The showroom used to drive sales for retail clothing establishments. This is no longer the case. Today, consumers are finding what they like in the store and then going online to purchase it at a cheaper price. This is called showrooming. Fabletics eliminates this through the membership program because most of the people that shop in their stores are either members or future members. Customers can also place items in their online cart from the store as part of their membership.


Retail Stores Help Drive Online Sales


Hudson says that the retail stores are actually helping to improve their online sales thanks to the fact that there are some consumers who won’t buy anything until they experience it in person. Many people did not buy from Fabletics until purchasing something in the store. There was also a spike in online sales in areas that were in close proximity to a storefront. The retail game has changed thanks to online, but there is still a way to use it. Fabletics is proof of that.