Will The Real Betsy DeVos Please Stand Up?

Michigan residents are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the deal is when it comes to Betsy DeVos. They simply cannot figure out who the real DeVos is. There seem to be different versions of her existing at the same time. The one that most in Michigan know is a women who is extremely generous and warm. The one that those same people see on TV is someone who seems to be detached from her work and not listening to the broader public.


When she was more involved with politics on a local level in Michigan, she was known as someone who got a lot done. She was viewed as someone who had the ability to push through her agenda and really take people to task if they got in her way. Now that she is serving in the Trump Administration, it seems that she has become almost something of a mouthpiece for the White House. They can bring her out whenever needed to defend their positions. She has done a great job of that, even when those positions seem to conflict with her natural inclinations.


DeVos was born into wealth, and she has used that money and influence to great impact. She did not sit around and just enjoy the lavish trappings that have always been available to her. Instead, she has pushed for her beliefs in the form of charter schools and other policy agendas that she would like to see enacted. Many who have worked with her on a local level say that she is among the most effective people that they have ever worked with.


While there is little question that DeVos has made plenty of changes in the local community for the better, there is some concern that she is just going along with whatever the Administration wants no matter what. A lot of people who know her (personally or otherwise) do not want to see her go down this path. They believe that she is too good of a person to go along with some of the policies that they see coming out of the White House.


DeVos finds a natural ally in Donald Trump when it comes to her ideas about school vouchers. He would also like to see public money used to help fund the education of children in private schools, perhaps even schools that have a religious leaning. This is something that has been banned for a long time in this country, but that may not be the case for too much longer. Learn more: http://www.betsydevos.com/

Updated Live Meeting App Brings Talk Fusion New Edge

Talk Fusion, a communication solution company, introduces its new WebRTC technology. The new and improved version of Live Meetings, uses this WebRTC platform along with an updated interface. This new app, Live Meetings, makes real time communications easier.  Learn more about Bob Reina: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/ and https://patch.com/florida/southtampa/bob-reina-introduces-new-talk-fusion-software-features-webrtc-technology

The live meetings app has two features: one way videos and video conferencing. Businesses can hold either presentations or conferences. Up to 15 people can host and close to 500 people can participation through this platform. Like most Talk Fusion products, this app can connect either through the tablet, phone, or PC.

The new update does not require any download. So now users can access the tech through the web browser. The lack of a need for a separate download means it more convenient, no need for an Adobe Flash Player install.

The company has been promoting the new software to make sure to attract more users for their Live Meetings and Video Suite app. More users make it easier for people to connect. Reina, company founder, promises his tech is unparalleled.

WebRTC has unparalleled advantages over other tech. It allows users to communicate instantly through any modern device. PC, phone, or tablet are all able to connect with this software. Talk Fusion has been an innovative leader in small business communication technology.

From video emails to the WebRTC tech, they strive to stand out from the rest. Reina started his company from an idea he had while on vacation. He wanted to send an email with a video but the attachment was too large. He developed his technology to help others send videos with ease.

Ronald Fowlkes: The Business Management Professional Superstar of Commercial/Law Enforcement Products

Ronald Fowlkes works for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He is a business manager of law enforcement/ commercial products. He is based in St. Louis, Missouri. His job tasks include product education to more than 150 sales personnel, to call on customers throughout the nation, and to work on product selection for sales and development. Also, his extensive background in this field includes tactical training and products resulting from being a contractor for the Department of Defense and in serving in the Navy-Marine Corps. He has more than 13 years of experience in this field.


More Details About His Work Background


While working as a contractor for the Department of Defense with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, JIEDDO, in Iraq with the US Army, he dismounted and mounted infantry operations in a combat zone. He also trained the US military personnel in CQB, post-blast analysis, hostage rescue, tactical operations, tactical questioning of captured and detained individuals, and evidence collection. He worked for three years with the ST. Louis County Police Department and 10 years with the ST. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in which the last seven years he was with their HRT Team. He became certified in defensive tactics, shoot house, tactical rifle, and URBAN/SWAT warfare tactics while working in the police department.


While serving the US Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993, he was promoted in ranks and became a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. He attended the Basic Engineer course, Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) basic course, and the Marine Combat Training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. He also was trained in the US Army Parachute School. Later on, he earned his advance in NSWF Combat Diver School and in the Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia. While serving with the first ANGLICO conducted small unit parachute operations, gunfire missions using various encrypted and non-encrypted radios, and using a (MULE) laser designator air and naval and reconnaissance.


His Personal Hobbies


When Fowlkes isn’t working, he either coaches his son’s hockey team or is involved in in the sport in other ways.


The Academy of Art University – Students Showcase Their Designs

The Academy of Art University strives to come up with the best training and guidance for their students to provide an exceptional experience that guides them towards achieving their goals in the fashion industry. With talented professors and designers on hand to help provide such knowledge, this University is here to deliver incredible training.

The New York Fashion Week is the place to be where the new designers launch their careers into the limelight. It gives them the chance to be seen by the most important people in the industry. This University held their 21st runway showcase back in September of 2017. It was done at the Skylight Clarkson Square, known for being the official residence of everything style for that specific week. This season specifically had ten BFA and MFA graduates debuting their womenswear and menswear collections.


There is such a diverse set of designers. All of them come from across the globe with one being from Mainland China and another in coastal Maine. Their range of ideas took the audience by storm, impressing the legendary Ms. J Alexander, among countless other people in the fashion industry. Every single class and all the training all work up to this very moment, so they are incredibly grateful that the right people took the time to watch the showcase.

Presenting their vision for the future, it was quite an exhilarating experience for them. Every single class, training program, and project done to showcase their designs for 15 short minutes in front of the biggest and most important people in the industry. It was quite a unique way for them to graduate and get themselves out there in a way that puts them in the spotlight. The Academy of Art University is definitely the place to be to continue learning about fashion and get only the best knowledge possible from the best fashion design teachers.

WAX and the Crpytofication of the market: Malcolm CasSelle’s vision for digital item trade

One of the most enduring memories of massively multiplayer gaming for many people is that of the online marketplace. Every day thousands, if not millions of coins, gems, credits, and sometimes even real US dollars are pumped through digital bazaars for goods and services that will never leave the screen. It’s online shopping, but maybe not the kind most of us are familiar with these days.

WAX, or the Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a third-party marketplace created by former tronc inc. (formerly Tribune Publishing) Chief Technology Officer Malcolm CasSelle. His vision for WAX looks something like a combination of Amazon and Silk Road, where assets from all over the internet can be bartered and traded in a convenient one-stop shop. Even commodities and items that are not commonly transferable, such as character or weapon skins, in games that often do not feature their own such markets will be up for sale on new the electronic auction block.

CasSelle, a Stanford and MIT educated entrepreneur, has already enjoyed considerable success in the online gaming marketplace. In addition to his responsibilities as the President of WAX, CasSelle also serves as the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins, another popular online marketplace centered around the sale of video game skins. In his time at tronc, CasSelle presided over a time of growth for the company, and aggressively pursued that company’s use and acquisition of digital assets.

Something of an ardent futurist, CasSelle’s business acumen might be described as having one foot in today, and one in tomorrow. He has also expressed great interest in cryptocurrency, unsurprising in light of recent price spikes in many crypto markets, and decreased global confidence in central banking institutions. His vision for WAX is in many ways rooted in the same philosophy as any number of cryptocurrencies, putting impartiality, confidentiality, and consumer freedom above all else. With WAX, CasSelle seeks to empower not only gamers, but also buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else old enough to consent to the Terms and Conditions. Caveat Emptor!

Daniel Taub work of diplomacy

The role of a diplomat in any country is to ensure that the people of that country are protected in the foreign country. This is a task that Daniel Taub, a former diplomat of Israel knew very well. He is a man who accomplished so much while in office. He served the people of Israel for four years in London. His time in office was marked with great achievements that make him a leading diplomat from Israel. He knew his role in the office so well and never compromised when the interests of his country were at stake. Daniel Taub a staunch orthodox Jew performed his responsibility with great dedication. He made sure that his country Israel benefitted from the ties that they had with the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub worked very hard for his country and ensured that the ties that the country enjoyed wit United Kingdom achieved mire for Israel.



Daniel Taub is an international lawyer who has specialized in counter-terrorism laws and other laws of war. His knowledge about law and diplomacy have been very helpful to his country. He has been very keen to help his country deal with the Middle East crises in the best way possible. He has also made it possible for his country to market itself as a peace-loving and one that is committed to seeking peace and justice prevail in the Middle East region.



Daniel Taub has been part of peace committee that had been formed to establish a long-lasting peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. He worked closely with his counterpart from Palestine, together they managed to give the country the best services they could. They went all the way to Ireland to learn what the countries there did so that they could establish a peace deal theta was long-lasting. With the lessons that they had learned, they came back and made recommendations that were adopted by both countries. The first peace agreement was drafted between Israel and Palestine through the efforts of Daniel Taub.



Daniel Taub has been in Israel since 1989 when he moved from the U.K to Israel. He has been a part of Israel for a long time. Since then, he has represented the country in various positions of leadership that include; military, legal offices and as a diplomat. He has been a key adviser to the delegation that represents Israel at the United Nations offices in New York and Geneva. Daniel Taub is now retired from active diplomatic work.



Samuel Strauch Speaks About The Goals And Vision Of Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a highly successful real estate agent and the founder of Metrik Real Estate – a major real estate agency based in Miami. The firm focuses on equity development, management, and brokerage. Interestingly, under the inspirational leadership of Strauch, the agency became a leading player in the real estate ecosystem of Florida. He says that his team is focusing on the changing trends and analyzing what could be expected in future as he believes that all changes are potential opportunities for smart business leaders. Samuel Strauch observes that in the current times, everything changes in must faster pace.

He asks his team to see the changing views of people, their life, and concepts of owning a property. Interestingly, Samuel Strauch expands the business domain of Metrik to more areas including hospitality in the recent years as he believes that constant evolution is a part of every successful firm. He also says that the agency is putting close attention on the advances of technology and applies it to the operations of Metrik and its real estate solutions. Samuel Strauch adds that his agency is something more than a real estate company, and it is a socially responsible business with a basic philosophy. According to him, social responsibility is promoting various activities, including offering educational options, community initiatives, raising money for charity efforts, and more, to make the world a better and harmonious place.

While coming to the future real estate growth, Strauch thinks that Panama offers competitively priced projects that have better future compared to Miami. He says that the city is becoming increasingly popular among people around the world, and a significant number of investors see it as an ideal place for their real estate investment. Due to this reason, Samuel Strauch significantly invested in the Panama market during the last few years and confirmed that a large number of retired Americans also see it as an ideal destination for their future life.

Samuel Strauch founded Metrik in the year 2002 with a mission to capitalize the opportunities given by the real estate sectors of Florida, Panama, and South America. He also has nearly 15 years of experience in serving the real estate customers of Miami as a real estate agent. Strauch is also actively involved in the restaurant business and several internet-based ventures. He completed his education at Harvard University and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Strauch also worked in the banking industry for a brief stint before moving to the real estate industry.

Read more on metrikholdings.com

Meet Michael Lacey, the Prominent Mathematician who is Mentoring Students

Michael Lacey, born in 1959, is a renowned American mathematician. He concluded his college education and graduated with a degree from the University of Texas and proceeded to acquire his Ph.D. in 1987 from the University of Illinois located in Urbana-Champaign.

In his thesis, Lacey helped solve a problem on the law of the iterated logarithm for use in characteristic empirical functions. The thesis majored on probability in Banach spaces.

Michael Lacey previously served at Louisiana State University in a postdoctoral position and the University of North Carolina, (UNC) in a similar capacity. While at UNC, Lacey and Walter Philipp ultimately proved the central limit theorem. He has also worked at Indiana University till 1996.

While at Indiana University, he received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. While there, he also studied the bilinear Hilbert Transform, which at the time, was the subject of conjecture which Lacey and Christopher Thiele solved in 1996. This won them the Salem Prize.

Since 1996, Lacey has been serving as a Professor of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology. He became a Full Professor in 2001. During his time at Georgia Institute of Technology, Lacey has received several awards for his work. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

In 2004, Michael Lacey got recognition as he received a Guggenheim Fellowship for his the joint efforts between him and Xiaochun Li. In 2008, he received a Fulbright Fellowship. In 2012, Lacey became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. In the same year, he became a Simons Fellow and also won a Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring award.

Lacey has also been a director of several training grants which he receives from foundations to support undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. He was the director of VIGRE which focused on mentoring students to undertake graduate programs.

Lacey was also PI on the NSF-MCTP grant which supported the undergraduate program at Georgia Institute of Technology. He has published numerous publications, mainly on pure mathematics. However, he also researches on Harmonic analysis and Probability. Lacey has mentored many undergraduates and Ph.D. students who got employment in various industries. He has mentored over ten postdoctoral fellows.

Orange Coast College Students Talk Construction With DeNova Homes

Orange Coast College is known for their commitment to their surrounding communities. From providing a source of higher education to raising awareness for energy conservation, the facility has dedicated themselves to giving back. As one of the nations top transfer schools, Orange Coast College takes academics seriously. Each program is designed with the continued success of each student in mind, and several hands-on opportunities are offered throughout the course of study to help prepare students for life in their field.


At a recent educational event, Alan Toffoli, Division President for DeNova Homes, spoke to a class of over 40 Orange Coast College students to help support their education and training in architecture. Following the lecture, students were led on an onsite tour of two model homes as well as an active construction site. For more than 25 years, families and homeowners in California have rusted DeNova Homes for their building needs.


Orange Coast College was founded in 1947, with its first set of classes beginning in the fall of 1948. Students can choose from a host of two-year associates degrees, certificates of achievement, and transferrable coursework to help them further their education. Currently, there are more than 20,000 students enrolled at Orange Coast College, making it the largest college in terms of population in the Orange County area. The school’s mission is to provide affordable and reliable education to students in the area. While campus housing is not offered, students can still participate in competitive sports teams and get involved in their community. Learn more: http://www.occsailing.com/


Securus video visitation technology is much more than just Skype

Some of the family members who use Securus Technologies’ exciting new video visitation technology have complained that it is little more than an over glorified version of Skype. However, this is not an accurate statement at all. The video visitation system devised by Securus is, in actuality, an extremely high-tech software solution with built-in security features that allow today’s modern prisons to keep the communications taking place over their systems completely secure.


Just one example of the many features that Securus’ video visitation system has built-in is the ability to flag any banned parties or any suspicious conversations. These features use highly sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to determine if somebody who is not authorized to be communicating with prisoners in a given cell block or tier has in fact been participating in conversations there. Once these banned parties have been flagged, officers are automatically alerted to the ongoing security breach, immediately giving them the option to either listen in on the conversation or shut the call down, outright.


These features have been used to collect evidence for criminal prosecutions as well as to keep the nation’s prisons safer than they would otherwise have been. The ability of officers to automatically intercept communications taking place among known criminal associates has dramatically increased the ability of prison staff to maintain a high level of safety within the nation’s carceral facilities. None of this would be possible over a traditional VoIP-based communications technology acting as a video visitation platform.


But even more than this, Securus video visitation allows inmates to stay in nearly constant touch with their family members, no matter where their family members happen to be. This has created great benefits for families, who are no longer subjected to the indignities of in-person visitations. Without Securus’ video visitation platform, family members would be forced to physically drive to the institution where their loved ones are incarcerated.